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Just in time for the onslaught of cold weather, a new playspace is opening up in the heart of Williamsburg this Halloween.  The new space is called Klub 4 Kidz and will be a monstrous 5000 square foot space with amenities that haven’t been paired together in any other playspace in Brooklyn.

The central element of the playspace will be a four level playground with crawl tubes, 3 slides and climbing webs- all for ages 3 years and up. There will also be an 18 foot rock climbing wall, a kids’ boutique that will have items for personalization on-site, birthday party rentals, and a cafe.  In addition there will be 2 classrooms for kids and adults.   A dedicated art studio will have classes of model clay building, mommy and me art classes, lego building, photography, mad science,  and open studio time in the afternoons. The second classroom has an open layout with a wooden dance floor and will have a variety of movement classes such as flamenco, ballet and yoga along with music classes such as Music for Aardvarks, Rockababy and some mommy and me classes. Whew! This powerhouse is the brainchild of Tina Klideris who has been in event planning for 12 years. With a new baby (3 months old), a boy of 4 years, and her own custom airbrushing company, she has taken a lot on. Nonetheless, she couldn’t be more excited about the endeavor: and true to the nature of an event planner, extremely well-organized. Grand Opening on Halloween!