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BROOKLYN CUPCAKE will soon be one of the “Featured Voices” on “My Latino Voice”. MLV held an online Facebook contest where our fans nominated us daily to be featured on “My Latino Voice”. Thank you to all who voted!

What is MyLatinoVoice.com is the fastest growing online destination for U.S. Latino culture, entertainment, news and information, our “stories” and social community, all in our online language of choice, English. My Latino Voice is the place to connect with Latino culture in three ways with one site: top-notch online magazine/editorial website, an active social community and WikiLatino, the world’s first and only encyclopedia of all things Latino. My Latino Voice, formerly MiApogeo.com, is an affirmation of the power of our two cultures – American and Latino. The Hispanic American bicultural experience is at its “apogee” – its highest point, its peak- as a result of the fusion of experiences and customs that allow us to celebrate both cultures without sacrificing either. My Latino voice brings this zenith to a personal level: a celebration of our personal contributions and lifestyles but one that always remains connected to the collective Latino experience. My Latino Voice emphasizes not only a celebration of culture, of Latino expression in its diverse forms, but also affirms our goal to celebrate our community and our achievements as individuals. Our site offers both an online community and news, information and thought leadership “by and for” our audience.

Check out their site: http://www.facebook.com/mylatinovoice