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Brooklyn Salsa, Brooklyn Based, Brooklyn Brew Shop, Brooklyn Kitchen, Brooklyn Flea, Brooklyn Cupcake…  an entire episode of “The Martha Stewart Show,” featuring a visit to a roof-top farm in Red Hook and wandering among the food vendors at the Brooklyn FleaWilliams-Sonoma is now carrying pickles from Brooklyn Brine Company… A recent episode of “30 Rock” depicted a fictional trendy clothing store called Brooklyn Without Limits… and last month, an on-line gift shop, organized by Cool Hunting, in collaboration with the Gap, opened. The shop does not carry one single item of Gap merchandise! Instead, it’s filled with the hip and the handmade: clever objects of local Brooklyn designers, upholstered skateboards, tattoo-brightening cream, and an idiosyncratic selection of books.

Small restaurants and large companies are lining up to hitch their wagons to Brooklyn’s D.I.Y. Chic.  A new bar in Manhattan called, the Brooklyneer is dedicated to all things Brooklyn.  They serve Brooklyn hot dogs, Brooklyn pickles and Brooklyn whiskey. It seems, there are more and more Brooklyneers and a growing number of businesses to serve them.  It’s not that Brooklyn artisans are going corporate, but that corporations are Brooklynizing… or at least appearing to.

It’s amazing how much media exposure Brooklyn food has received lately. The “real deal” is clearly a large part of what customers, and now the big companies, want out of Brooklyn. Idealism makes good copy. Yet these small start-up businesses are just that — businesses — and for many of them, the idea of “selling out” is absurd.

Well, what are you waiting for? Visit Brooklyn TODAY!

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