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Yo… The Not For Tourists (NFT) is the Ultimate Urban Guidebook to Brooklyn! With its award-winning design, handsome neighborhood maps, and thousands of essential listings on where to eat, shop, and play, NFT will help you navigate and explore Brooklyn like a local. Discover secret city spots you never knew existed-from dive bars and extravagant restaurants to local hardware stores and bakeries. Written and designed by in-the-know city slickers themselves, this beautiful, light and portable guide is packed with priceless tips and features a 12-panel fold-out map that covers the entire borough, including all the streets and subway and bus lines. The NFT Guidebook to Brooklyn is a must-have for all Brooklynites and first-time travelers alike.

Product Details:

Paperback: 4×6; 236 pages

Publisher: Not for Tourist, Inc.; 7th Edition

ISBN-10: 0982595115

Purchase at: www.notfortourists.com or www.amazon.com

Cost: $10.85 (Retail: $15.99)