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Last month, Brooklyn Cupcake was one of the My Latino Voice (MLV) Facebook Contest winners. Our prize… to be featured on MLV as one of their “Featured Voices”!

In the words of the Founder & CEO of My Latino Voice, Rosa V. Alonso,  “Brooklyn Cupcake, will inspire you to both break and make New Year’s resolutions.  Whether you are a fan of traditional cupcakes, like Red Velvet, or you are game for Latino-themed delicacies – Flan, Mango, Guava, even Coquito cupcakes – Brooklyn Cupcake doesn’t just cater to that sweet tooth, it rocks it with new flavors and combinations.  And, yes, you have the option to mix and match to your palate’s desires – fillings, frostings, and cake type. Customized or from the box, these are the best cupcakes in town.”

MyLatinoVoice.com is the fastest growing online destination for U.S. Latino culture, entertainment, news and information, our “stories” and social community, all in our online language of choice, English.  They offer popular culture and news with a “Latino” twist and from our perspective.  Thus their tagline:  “The American Experience.  The Latino Point of View.” It  is the place to connect with Latino culture in three ways with one site: top-notch online magazine/editorial website, an active social community and WikiLatino, the world’s first and only encyclopedia of all things Latino. My Latino Voice is an affirmation of the power of two cultures – American and Latino — and the influences that have converged to create the current U.S. Latino culture. The company and sites are 100% Latina-owned and operated with a deep-rooted commitment to building a space for Latino users to meet, share and be published. As a site truly by and for the audience, My Latino Voice features and promotes the audience, the true “voices” of the site and of our generation. We are honored to have been selected to be one of MLV’s Voices. Many thanks to all our fans who voted for us and to Rosa for believing in us and being such a wonderful role model!

To read the MLV article and watch the two video clips about Brooklyn Cupcake, please click on this link: http://mylatinovoice.com/featured-voices/27-features/2581-my-latino-voice-facebook-winner-brooklyn-cupcake.html

To learn more about My Latino Voice and Rosa V. Alonso, please click on this link: http://www.mylatinovoice.com