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Brooklyn Cupcake is very thankful to Patricia and Felix of Cart Art NYC for allowing us to participate in their Launch Party, which took place a few months ago. Although they are not aware of this, Cart Art’s party was BC’s coming out party! Their cupcake tower was our very first one!

Patricia Walsh, an Interior Decorator, from Westchester and Felix Rodriguez, a Graphic Designer, from The Bronx, merged their talents to create the only American company providing custom-designed shopping and laundry carts called, Cart Art NYC. From applying a picture of a panda bear, to a picture of your dog, cat or a family member, you can now make your shopping cart sport a customized outfit! But, that’s not all… you can utilize Cart Art to advertise your business! Check out their gallery for samples of their existing designs and a VERY FAMILIAR company logo! 🙂


Cart Art is already catching the eye of investors as well as local businesses that order carts by dozens to place their logos on them, creating one-of-a-kind movable advertisements. Soon Cart Art will hit retail stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, K-Mart and Target, as well as local convenience stores.

Be one of the first ones to sport this new trend! Check it out!