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Firefighters’ Wives was founded by two firefighters’ wives of the Marysville Fire District in Washington State.  Their goal is to raise money in support of  wives and families of firefighters who are facing career ending circumstances.  They do this by selling Firefighter’s Wives  products and donating 20% of all profits to the wife or family of a firefighter, in any U.S. City.

Here is the link to the article: http://www.firefighterswives.net/2011/02/brooklyn-cupcake-february-business-of-the-month/

Firefighters are such a tight knit group and being a Firefighter’s wife is no different. Brooklyn Cupcake‘s, Cynthia Clifford, is an FDNY firefighters’ wife and proud of it. We, at Brooklyn Cupcake, support her and our FDNY, and have contributed hundreds of cupcakes to benefit them. Just a few months ago, BC participated in the annual Friends of Firefighters Fundraiser in an effort to provide our FDNY with an organized a coalition of service providers. FOF has in-house clinical services, massage therapy, peer support, and more. These services are provided in beautifully, renovated old firehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

BROOKLYN CUPCAKE is proud of our FDNY!!!