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So you thought the Cupcake Craze would fizzle out, huh? Not a chance! It’s just moving away from sweet and into the direction of savory!

According to The Wall Street Journal and Food and Wine, savory cupcakes, specifically Lasagna Cupcakes, are expected to hit the mainstream in 2011. Both publications have recently highlighted Los Angeles catering company Heirloom-LA, who’s spearheaded the trend with the creation of its Lasagna Cupcakes, which are wildly popular among celebrities. Dana Fox, the screenwriter of “Couples Retreat” and “What Happens in Vegas” had Lasagna Cupcakes at her wedding in Virginia.

Why Savory Cupcakes? Why not? They are individual sized portions of comfort foods that hold their shape after being heated up and can be eaten with your hands! They are a fun way to get kids to eat, entertain your guests at your next party, and the new fast food!

We’re seeing everything from Meat Loaf cupcakes to Chicken-and-Waffle cupcakes; Seafood cupcakes to Thanksgiving Turkey cupcakes; Roasted Vegetable cupcakes to Smoked Mac-N-Cheese cupcakes. The possibilities are endless! And, we are so loving this trend! Go Cupcake!