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After turning out thousands of cupcakes, Saucy (from Saucy’s Sprinkles) has determined that there is indeed a specific psychology associated with how one consumes their cupcake. Please read on to identify your consumption method and see if it correlates to your personality.

If you attempt to eat your cupcake in big, satisfying gulps – frosting and cake included – you love life and live in the moment.

If you enjoy the frosting in deep, heavenly gulps before eating the cake – you are most likely impulsive. Perhaps you are reckless and live life with carefree abandon. Further, you may even be the type of person to swipe your finger over another cupcake just to get a bit more frosting on yours. In that case, you’re also a thief.

Those who prefer the cutlery approach are reserved. You prefer rules of order and conduct and you believe that things should be done in a certain way. There are no rules when it comes to cupcakes, my friend. Chow down.

If, like Saucy, you enjoy every last cupcake in the batch – sometimes going so far as to make cupcake soup with cold milk to add life to your drying little cakes, you are a thrifty, waste-not-want-not kind of person. You probably have a coupon organizer in your purse and eighteen shopping club cards in your wallet, too. It’s time to do something nice for yourself. Eat a fresh cupcake.

By removing the bottom half of the cake and inverting it onto the frosting and eating your cupcake like a sandwich, you are demonstrating your prowess at diplomacy and your penchant for equality. You don’t like to rock the boat… you are a peacekeeper.

What’s that, you say? You eat the cake and leave the frosting? You don’t like frosting? You’re just a straight-up liar.  🙂

We just had to share Saucy’s Cupcake Psych 101 post with you. To learn more about Saucy and her “sprinkles”, check out her site: www.saucysprinkles.com