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According to a recent report from Intuit, women own 46% of all privately owned businesses in the U.S. and 47 million more women will enter the workforce or start their own business by 2020. Despite these encouraging numbers, female entrepreneurs are often dismissed as unfundable, unscalable startups, particularly when the business plan pivots around motherhood.

The catchy phrases, “The Cupcake Challenge” and “Mompreneur”,  refers to the challenge many female entrepreneurs face when they are trying to sell a “cute” consumer business idea to funders, whether it’s a cupcake bakery, a line of wooden toys or sign language school for parents of infants. Are they undervaluing us or is it just a disconnect between financiers and female business owners. We don’t fit the standard Silicon Valley profile (single white male); hence, we have to work harder to counter that stereotype and bring our successful, scalable, high-return businesses to the investing table. But, we also need to help each other attain our goals. A great suggestion by a female entrepreneur was to introduce incubators to the female startup scene to help women with viable business ideas get off the ground. Any ideas on how we can create incubators in our respective communities?

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