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A Food Swap is a Culinary Incubator… a Friend Factory! It brings together passionate food enthusiasts, bakers, and cooks to barter (or swap) quality, homemade foods. The primary mission is to not only share in the communal bounty of culinary riches, but to also introduce each other to new tastes, smells, cuisines – and to meet one another!

These Food Swaps are all the rage now… nationwide! Check out the articles in the New York Times and Huffington Post:



Attend your first Food Swap in Brooklyn! Brooklyn Kitchen, in Williamsburg, is hosting the next Brooklyn Swappers event on April 10 @ 11am.

If you are interested in attending, they ask that you bring your best brunch-appropriate potluck offerings to share (e.g.: baked goods, coffee, fruit salad) and swapping items like (e.g.: canned foods, jams, chutneys, oils, syrups, infused liquors, baked goods, candies). If you made it and it’s edible, you can trade it! The swapping itself is a friendly and casual barter transaction. You will make in-kind trades with other swappers and leave with as many items as you came with. Not only will Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas be provided, but the tickets are FREE!

Here is the Eventbrite link for the Brooklyn Swappers event:


Please note that there is a Queens Swappers event as well. Just Google the event name for more info.

Sounds like another nice way to spend a day in Brooklyn! 🙂