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A Miami drug dealer was was busted baking Cannabis Cupcakes and selling them to High School students. The chocolate-flavored cupcakes contained Hydroponic Cannabis, which when baked, can be far more potent than smoking the same amount. If one of these cupcakes have a dose that is too high, it can last a long time and might be very frightening- contributing to emerging mental health issues in young teens. Obviously, it’s harder for the police and parents to be suspicious of a cupcake. Yes, our confectionery connoctions can be addictive, but now drug dealers are taking them to a whole other level. They are taking advantage of the skyrocketing trend to harm our kids. What’s to say that one of these cupcakes won’t get in the hands of younger children? Nowadays, restaurants mistakenly give children alcoholic drinks and drug dealers bake laced cupcakes. Parents need to become more vigilant. Ask for a bite of your teen’s cupcake; ask for a sip of their favorite drink; how harmless it that? You are not directly invading their privacy or directly asking them if they are using drugs? You get piece of mind in an innocuous manner. If you feel a little silly an hour after ingestion, at least you can approach your teen in a less aroused state when you try to explain that although they are not smoking, they would still be considered a criminal.