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Remezcla intern Estefania, read that Brooklyn Cupcake is a place run by “determined Latinas…infusing the flavors of their Puerto Rican and Italian roots into their baked goods.” So, she immediately ran to the shop, brought back some cupcakes, and fell in love! Luckily, Estefania was gracious enough to share the cupcakes with others at her office. After trying one, her co-worker, Joel dubbed them “Los cupcakes de la Amistad; mistad pa ti y mistad pa mi”, which translates to “The cupcakes of friendship; half for you and half for me”. It sounds much better in Spanish! LOL! After trying all the flavors, Estefania stated, “… it was almost as if rainbows and unicorns spontaneously appeared in the Remezcla offices.” Another co-worker stated, “It tastes just like home!” After the cupcakes were devoured, Remezcla’s food writer, Karina Tavera’s was asked to cover our story. We can’t wait to read her article! What a great review! Thanks Remezcla!!!

To read their first review, check out this link: http://www.remezcla.com/2011/latin/happy-friday-4/