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Brooklyn Cupcake‘s, Cynthia Clifford with Coqui the Chef

Established in 2008, Coqui the Chef® has been highlighted in the local media, Bronx News Channel 12, WPIX Channel 11, and the Daily News for providing Latino families with a fresh perspective on healthier eating and a handsome mascot that stresses the importance of cooking as a family. Coqui strives to make a difference in the eating habits and purchasing trends of youth via cooking demonstrations on YouTube and Online Radio Talk Shows. Partnerships with local schools, recreational facilities, health fairs, carnivals, and visits to public schools, near target food retail outlets are developed to ensure reinforcement of educational messages gleaned from demos. With Obesity and Diabetes on the rise, “It’s time we connect with our food.” says, Coqui, which also introduces different types of food from all over the world. “From the Caribbean Islands to Europe, there are tons of fruits, vegetables, and foods are not familiar with. Eating the right food, respecting nature and your body, not only keeps you healthy on the outside, but on the inside too”.

Currently, Coqui the Chef® is trying to fund their project, which will only be funded if $10,000 is pledged by Wednesday, Dec. 28th. Be a part of a partnership that endeavors to break the cycle of unhealthy eating in our communities. For your pledge, Coqui will send you his “Holiday Menu Cookbook” which contains delicious, healthy recipes like: Plantains with Mango/Peach/Lime Salsa (Tostones Con Salsa de Mango/Melocotón/Limón), Stuffed Potato Balls (Papas Rellenas al Estilo Boricua), Octopus Salad (Ensalada de Pulpo), Passion Fruit Bread Pudding (Budin de Pan Con Parcha), and much more…

To help Coqui achieve his goal, check out the below link:


Here are Coqui’s Video Clips from local news media:




You can learn more about Coqui the Chef® on their blog, Facebook page and YouTube.

Coqui… Coqui… and Feliz Navidad!