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Whether you are for or against the war, if you live in America, we hope that, in one way or another, you do or will consider supporting our troops. Those brave soldiers, sailors, and airman have dedicated and sacrificed their lives to defend our freedom and way of life. Only a select few Americans can stand up knowing they answered the call to defend our nation during difficult times.

Did you know that some soldiers do not receive any mail? That the simple act of writing a thank you note can save the life of a soldier and affect the morale of the entire unit? That note fills them with hope necessary to continue with their mission. It lets them know that somebody out there does care. Did you know that many soldiers have limited access to things we take for granted every day (e.g.: clean water, hot healthy meals, cold drinks, pain relief, clean clothes, etc.)?

While watching Fox News last week, Carmen learned about an organization that is working hard to fulfill the needs of an increasing amount of soldiers registering on their site. AnySoldier, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides soldiers a place to ask for much needed items and for supporters to select which soldier and/or unit they are interested in helping. Because of military restrictions, packages cannot be sent to “Any Soldier.” Through their site, soldiers sign up to be a Contact – which means the packages are addressed to them WITH “Attn: Any Soldier” in the address- and they (the Contact) in turn acts as intermediary and distributes the packages to other members of his/her unit.

BROOKLYN CUPCAKE is very proud of our troops and is dedicated to supporting them. During the Summer, we donated to the Wounded Warriors Project. This Fall, we are introducing, OPERATION: BROOKLYN CUPCAKE, where we will fulfill the needs of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coast Guard and the Marines through the AnySoldier organization. A Collection Box will be displayed at our Williamsburg shop (335 Union Avenue, between Grand and Maujer Streets in Brooklyn). For every contribution-filled “Goody Bag” we receive, supporters will be treated to a FREE BROOKLYN CUPCAKE.

List of Much Needed Items:

Socks; T-Shirts; Unscented Baby Wipes; Razors; Pain Relievers; Duct Tape; Batteries (AA/C); Lip Balm; Sunglasses; Deodorant; Sanitary Pads; Bug Spray; Baby Powder; Cushioned Insoles; Baggies; Phone Cards; News Magazines; Puzzles; Playing Cards; Writing Pad & Pens; DVDs; Instant Products (Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Oatmeal); Drink Mixes; Ramen Noodles (Chicken); Beef Jerky; Trail Mix; Dried Fruit; Protein Bars; Nuts; Hard Candy; Travel Size Shaving Cream; Travel Size Mouthwash; and Twin Bed Sheets.


Suggestion: CVS has a 10/$10 Special which includes, Betty Crocker Bowl Appetit; Jack Link’s Beef Jerky; Cap’N Crunch Cereal; Pringles; Trail Mixes…

Due to the overwhelming amount of mail that the post office must distribute during the holiday season and the location of the soldiers, we ask that you please start making donations now. To ensure the soldiers get their packages before the holidays, we will stop the collection and ship all packages by November 12.