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We hope and pray that all of our fans have survived this devastation. Unfortunately, I have lost my home and cars- but still have my children and husband. I can’t express enough the importance of community at a time like this. PLEASE HELP EACH OTHER. Gina drove to my house twice yesterday to bring my husband hot food and a radio as he has spent two days in cold, wet clothes pumping out water from our house and our neighbors’ houses. PLEASE think about your neighbors, the elderly, special needs families, pets, etc. PLEASE pray for all the people affected by this tragedy. PLEASE HELP EACH OTHER.

ROCKAWAY REALLY NEEDS YOUR HELP. If anyone wants to help, please bring the following much needed supplies to BROOKLYN CUPCAKE: bottled water, batteries, heavy duty garbage bags, towels, socks, cold weather hats/gloves, sweat pants & shirts (all sizes), blankets, diapers, baby wipes, food stations (hot drinks and food), etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! They could use volunteers to help with debris as well. The local FDNY firehouse and BC girls will be making deliveries. If you would like to make personal deliveries, check out this link for Rockaway Relief Centers: