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When Brooklyn born, Carmen Rodriguez decided to recruit her sister Gina Madera and turn a baking hobby into a career changing adventure. What began as simple weekend cupcakes for the children in the family would become NYC’s most celebrated new cupcake shop. Taking advantage of their mixed cultural background and Brooklyn upbringing, with the help of their cousin, the sisters created a menu of Puerto Rican and Italian inspired cupcakes. In two years Brooklyn Cupcake has become NYC’s #1 Cupcake Shop as per the NY Daily News. The shop has been listed in the latest Zagat NY Dining Guide. The cupcakes are enjoyed court side during Brooklyn Net games at the Barclay’s Center and Brooklyn Cupcake enjoys an incredible following from the best customers on Earth.

This blog is about more than just cupcakes. It’s about Latinas, food, business, and Brooklyn. It’s about dreams and the roads we travel to achieve them.




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